In Sunday’s (9/27) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Andrew Druckenbrod writes, “The rock-star outfit, the mind-boggling virtuosity and the unusual repertoire of young organist Cameron Carpenter already have shocked many in the world’s pipe organ community. But that’s just the beginning of the revolutionary changes the firebrand has in store for it. At Mr. Carpenter’s recital today at St. Bernard Church in Mt. Lebanon, you are likely to hear Bach. But you also might hear John Williams’ ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ or transcriptions of Chopin piano pieces. His spectacular version of Chopin’s difficult ‘Revolutionary’ Etude gives the work’s lightning quick runs entirely to his feet, causing Mr. Carpenter to hold on to the bench for dear life while his extra-long heeled organist boots fly across the pedals. … Unlike most musicians who can travel with their instruments, visiting organists have to adapt to whatever pipe organ they are performing on. While some enjoy the idiosyncrasies of these instruments, Mr. Carpenter says they hinder his abilities to perform at a high level. He takes hours—sometimes days—preparing an instrument and adding extra digital effects for what he considers essential prep work for recitals.”

Posted September 29, 2009