“The ensemble now called Cello Fury has brought their music to arenas, concert halls, schools and stadiums in nearly 30 states,” writes Jeremy Reynolds in Friday’s (10/20) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “ ‘There’s almost a primal response—the cello just satisfies this deep, instinctive need in your chest,’ said Ben Munoz, a founding member and composer for the band…. Cello Fury began as a side project for Mr. Munoz, Nicole Myers and Simon Cummings 10 years ago. They added a drummer, David Throckmorton, in 2009 when they coined their name, and Mr. Munoz and Mr. Cummings soon began writing original music for the group…. They’re far from the only cello ensemble to win acclaim in recent years performing music other than classical. Groups such as the Finnish cello metal band Apocalyptica, the Croatian cover duo 2CELLOS and the New York cello-based group Rasputina are all cultivating healthy fan bases. There are also larger cello ensembles like Yale University’s Low Strung and the 12 Cellos of the Berlin Philharmonic.… Cello Fury’s roots lie in the rhythmic intensity of Stravinsky and Shostakovich and the melodic stylings of Dvorák, Beethoven and maybe Brahms. Their rock influences include groups like Rage Against the Machine … Radiohead and Muse.”

Posted October 25, 2017