In Tuesday’s (11/26) Atlanta Journal-Constitution (subscription required), Bo Emerson writes about the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra’s upcoming concerts with Cirque de la Symphonie. “Cirque co-founder Alexander Streltsov, 35, … says the big difference between his ensemble and other troupes … is that Streltsov’s company serves the orchestra, rather than vice versa…. The group sets their aerial equipment up in symphony halls, performing with such orchestras as the Boston Pops … and the ASO,” among many others. “In 1999 [Streltsov] was invited to collaborate with Erich Kunzel, director of the Cincinnati Pops, which led to the creation of Cirque de la Symphonie with co-founder Bill Allen.… ‘In our show,’ said Streltsov, ‘the storyline is the music itself.’ … Instead of being greeted by … respectful silence, the classical musicians in Cirque de la Symphonie performances hear cheers, gasps and applause sprinkled throughout the evening.” … While the circus artists help bring a new audience to the symphony, they are also inspired by the music that surrounds them during performances. ‘We know what the [pre-recorded] music is,’ said Streltsov. ‘There is no way to compare that with the live orchestra.’ ”

Posted November 27, 2013