Wisconsin’s Beloit Janesville Symphony with Music Director Robert Tomaro.

Correction: The News Brief posted on Friday about the Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra was incorrectly accompanied by a photo of the Rockford Symphony Orchestra. A photo of the Beloit Janesville Symphony now accompanies this News Brief. Our apologies to both orchestras.

In Thursday’s (9/28) Beloit Daily News (Wisconsin), Rachel Brands writes, “The Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra’s 2023-24 season gets underway in a few weeks, with four productions through April. ‘There is community building in the shared experience of enjoying live music together,’ Executive Director Sara Lemen said in a release. ‘The Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra is a community organization that serves two cities. In bringing those two cities together in one space, we create a broader and more impactful community focused on keeping the performing arts alive.’… Prior to [the October 8] ‘World of Tchaikovsky’ concert, Music Director Robert Tomaro will be delivering a pre-concert talk called ‘Tchaikovsky: The Tortured Genius of Late Nineteenth Century Symphonic Music.’ The talk will be held on Wednesday, October 4 at Blackhawk Technical College.” The article discussed other programs in the orchesta’s upcoming season. “The Beloit Janesville Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1953 by Lewis Dalvit and has been Rock County’s’ primary symphony orchestra for the past 70 years. Its mission is to use the power of live symphonic music to engage the community.”