“With a passion for forming community partnerships, conductor Andres Franco thinks the potential for collaboration in Wheeling is limitless,” writes Linda Comins in Sunday’s (11/4) Intelligencer-Wheeling News Register (West Virginia). “Franco, current music director of Tulsa’s Signature Symphony and associate conductor of the Pittsburgh Symphony, is one of five candidates for music director of the Wheeling Symphony Orchestra. He is conducting the WSO’s Masterworks concert … on Nov. 15 and a pops concert, ‘Music of the Knights,’ … on Feb. 22…. He believes community involvement is one of most important aspects of running an orchestra. He said, ‘My personal goal is to make sure everyone, in every community I’m working with, knows of classical music…. I make sure I share that gift of music with everyone—people of all different ages, all different socio-economic groups. Classical music is for all people.’… As for the conductor’s role, he said, ‘One of the most important issues is making sure that you understand each city or community. What may work in one city may not work in another one. You meet with as many people as possible and then start forming partnerships.’ ”

Posted November 8, 2018