Benjamin Zander leads the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.

In Monday’s (7/16) Boston Globe, Juliet Pennington writes, “Benjamin Zander has been conducting orchestras in Boston for 50 years. In a recent phone call from his home in Cambridge, Zander … talked about an upcoming trip with the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra to South Africa. ‘There are 130 of us going, and that includes 105 musicians ages 13 to 21,’ said Zander, now in his 11th year at the youth orchestra’s helm. ‘The experience of traveling with them is life-changing, and I use that term very precisely and clearly. We will be finding out about their history, their culture, and their music.’ Last year, the group went to Greece, and next year, it’s Europe…. In addition to his work as conductor of the BPYO (and fund-raising for the organization), Zander, 84, travels the world giving what he called corporate leadership and transformational presentations…. Question: What is your best travel tip? Zander: Try to take a youth orchestra with you. There’s nothing better than sharing the experience of travel with young musicians—experiencing their camaraderie, curiosity, and enthusiasm.”