In an Associated Press report published Sunday (1/10) on the news site, Snjezana Vukic writes, “For years, Ivo Josipovic was immersed in legal clauses and notes. He will have to put that world on hold now and get onto political pursuits, becoming Croatia’s new president. The 52-year old law expert and classical music composer won Sunday’s runoff presidential vote in this former Yugoslav country, beating popular Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic. New to the higher echelons of political powers, Josipovic’s background is clean – a bonus in the eyes of Croats tired of the same political figures usually tainted by past affairs and intrigues. His rational and conciliatory behavior is a rarity in the Balkans, used to authoritative leaders. … Old passions die hard, however: Josipovic reportedly plans to use his spare time in office to compose his first opera, on the life and music of John Lennon.” According to his Wikipedia profile, Josipovic graduated in 1983 Zagreb Music Academy, where he also lectured from 1987 to 2004, and has written some 50 works.

Posted January 12, 2010