In Tuesday’s (6/8) Dayton Daily News (Ohio), Khalid Moss reports, “At Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra’s annual meeting June 3, DPO president Paul Helfrich announced that in the midst of one of the worst economic climates in recent memory, the arts organization has balanced its books for the first time since 2003. At the meeting attended by staff, volunteers, orchestra and board members, Helfrich presented a view of DPO ‘by the numbers,’ looking first at the education department. The philharmonic is responsible for one of the largest orchestra-based music education programs in the country, and during the 2009-10 Legends Season it served 47,146 students in the greater-Dayton area. The organization also reached goals for single and subscription ticket sales. Helfrich reported final subscription sales of $1,179,103 ($1,166,370 projected) and single ticket sales of $462,499 ($486,600 projected). The total—$1,641,602—reached 99 percent of the projected goal of $1,652,970. Helfrich said despite deep cuts in staff and salaries there was no loss of motivation.”

Posted June 8, 2010