Are you currently in a music director search or planning for one? The choice of a music director is the single most important artistic decision your orchestra can make – one that affects every aspect of your organization. We want to personally invite you to take part in the next step of the League’s learning opportunities.

Beginning in April, the League will be offering a series of six monthly, 90-minute discussions via telephone designed specifically for orchestra personnel who are currently conducting a music director search. This mentoring circle is designed to help you assess artistic needs within the larger mission of the orchestra, define the orchestra and the community’s needs around a new music director, and provide leadership strategies to ensure a successful search process.

This Mentoring Circle is a unique opportunity to connect with other orchestra staff who have the same questions and are facing similar situations as you. Facilitated by Roger Saydack, former (4x) chair of the Eugene Symphony Orchestra Music Director Search Committee, this guided peer-to-peer learning offers networking, sharing, and personal insight from an expert.

For more information or to register for this Mentoring Circle by April 15, please click here.

Please also feel free to contact Meghan Whitbeck at or 646 822 4083 with any questions. Thank you!


Posted April 13, 2011