In Thursday’s (3/19) Georgia Straight (Vancouver), Jessica Werb writes, “When the CBC Radio Orchestra played its last concert on November 16, 2008, anger and disappointment were mixed with hope: its conductor, Alain Trudel, had hatched a plan to revive the ensemble as the independent National Broadcast Orchestra with support from Montreal businessman Philippe Labelle and the Chan Centre for Performing Arts, where it would perform. At the time, Trudel told the Straight a fundraising concert would be planned for the spring, where, he said, ‘we will unveil the season which will start in September [2009].’ But that fundraiser has now been postponed. ‘We’re not planning concerts now in the spring,’ Trudel confirmed. ‘Things are going to happen more in the fall, but we need to get things really well organized, and the economic situation is very difficult for everybody.’ He insisted that despite financial challenges, ‘We are raising the money.…But our big [fundraising] events are going to be at the beginning of September.’ ” Musicians claim that concert dates have not been confirmed and they are having difficulty scheduling for the fall without those dates.
Posted March 20, 2009