In an editorial in Thursday’s (10/27) San Antonio Express-News, Dr. Michael Ozer, San Antonio Symphony board secretary, and Dr. Fernando Guerra write, “As pediatricians who have served many children and families through the years, we have long recognized the value added to a child’s developmental opportunities, as well as to their healthy spirit, when he or she has been raised in an environment enriched by exposure to art and cultural activities. The San Antonio Symphony is a cornerstone of this city’s music and music education system. In addition to its concerts and student education programs, which reach upward of 40,000 children per year, our orchestra’s musicians teach at local universities and public schools, and offer private lessons to thousands of students. … Yet the funding to maintain a world-class orchestra here has been difficult to achieve. We urge the business and government leadership to come together to develop a comprehensive plan that will ensure the long-term sustainability of this cultural jewel as it enters its 72nd season, and our city constructs its new home, the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts Center at the former Municipal Auditorium. Earlier this year, San Antonio launched its SA 2020 Plan with an ambitious agenda to move the city toward a tier-one level. … Ensuring the long-term economic viability of a world-class symphony is a commitment we need to make as a community now, as we move toward the goals of SA 2020.”

Posted October 28, 2011