“For the last eight months, El Paso Youth Symphony Orchestra has been working hard to create a studio space, bring in lighting and professional sound,” writes Marlenn Barraza in Sunday’s (12/20) KTSM-TV (El Paso, TX). “ ‘It’s going to be multiple cameras, the best lighting, the best microphones, we wanted some producers from Hollywood to help us out,’ said Maestro Phillip Garcia. The group is presenting the ‘Mad Maestro Saves Christmas’ story, inspired by the tribulations of 2020. ‘Were opening with the Grinch loving this year—just everything that could go wrong has gone wrong and he is just loving [it], he’s laughing and he’s having a grand ol’ time,’ said Garcia. ‘And Santa Claus is sad because all the elves are also quarantined.’ … The musical journey will take many twists and turns…. ‘Even if it’s just for this 30-minute show that the world is a little normal again…. We all know life is not going be returning to that normal that we used to know anytime soon, but we can give a little bit of what normal was through this concert,’ said Garcia. The symphony special will air on KTSM Christmas morning at 5:30 a.m.”