“It was an unlikely setting for a classical music performance: a homeless shelter, the Community for Creative Non-Violence, in the shadow of the nation’s capital, where concert violinist Rachel Barton Pine played a special engagement for the residents,” writes Jeffrey Brown in Friday’s (4/15) PBS NewsHour. “These days, Pine tours the world a good part of the year, traveling with her husband, Greg, who serves as her manager, and their 4-year-old daughter. But she feels a pull to give back wherever she goes. Pine: I go to hospitals. I have even been to prisons, and just wherever music can uplift people’s spirits. That’s the meaning of being a musician.… I think more and more artists, especially with the younger generation, are really understanding the value of community engagement. If we only played for the converted, we would be not honoring our gifts to the fullest extent. Brown: And the concert violinist is also a heavy metal lover and performer, a regular headbanger.… Pine: One of my goals has to been to get fellow headbangers out to the symphony. There is nothing more intense than 100 people on stage playing the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto.”

Posted April 18, 2016