“We’re just days away from the first day of spring—a time of rebirth, renewal, promise and hope—but the Grand Teton Music Festival has been running on optimism for months now,” writes Richard Anderson in Wednesday’s (3/17) Jackson Hole News & Guide (WY). “After the coronavirus pandemic shut down its 2020 season, the venerable valley nonprofit proceeded undaunted to plan a complete, seven-week, COVID-safe 2021 summer of orchestral and chamber music concerts. The plan right now is for GTMF to launch its 60th season July 2 with a week of outdoor events on the lawn of the Center for the Arts followed—tentatively, if health guidelines advise it, and likely for limited audiences—by its return to its home base in Walk Festival Hall.… Trombonist Michael Mulcahy, of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, has made 28 seasons at Walk Hall and sits on the organization’s players committee … predicted a heightened musical summer, energized by months of anticipation amid uncertainty and sorrow, with a typically receptive and attentive audience.… Emma Kail, the festival’s new executive director since September, voiced a theme for 2021 of ‘coming home … welcoming home the musicians that have spent decades here and who love the festival.’ ”