Pennsylvania’s Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra has announced that it will return to the Forum Auditorium with the start of the 2022-23 in October. The orchestra has been performing in the Scottish Rite Theatre while the Forum Auditorium was undergoing renovations. In a press release, Executive Director Matthew Herren said, “We can’t wait for our patrons to once again ‘meet us under the stars,’ ” referencing the Forum Auditorium’s decorative ceiling of zodiac constellations and more than 1,000 stars from the night sky, a treasured feature of the hall. The orchestra plans to announce masterworks and pops programming for the 2022-23 season later this year. Stuart Malina is music director of the Harrisburg Symphony, founded in 1931, the same year the 1,610-season Forum Auditorium was built. The auditorium is adjacent to the Pennsylvania State Library in Harrisburg’s Capitol complex and serves as the Harrisburg Symphony’s primary performance venue; the Classical-style auditorium also presents choral, jazz, gospel, dramatic, and dance presentations.