“When it came time for the Wichita Symphony to select the first full-length movie score the orchestra would perform in concert, the answer was as clear as ruby red slippers on a yellow brick road,” writes David Burke in Monday’s (12/3) Wichita Eagle (KS). “ ‘For Kansans, you don’t get much more nostalgia than ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ ‘ symphony spokeswoman Arleigh McCormick said…. The symphony will perform the entire score … while the film plays above them on the Century II stage next weekend.… Symphonies playing full movie scores have gained popularity in the past few years…. ‘It’s kind of a nationwide, worldwide trend right now,’ McCormick said. Symphony conductor and music director Daniel Hege said the decision was easy. ‘We thought, “We’re in Kansas, why not capitalize on ‘Oz’ ”?’ he said…. The guest conductor for the concert is Peter Bay, music director and conductor for the Austin Symphony Orchestra, which presented its own ‘Oz’ film-concert in October.… McCormick said the symphony hopes the night is a ‘fun, celebratory holiday event.’ … The symphony players are encouraged to dress appropriately for ‘Oz,’ and audience members are welcome to as well.”

Posted December 5, 2018