On Monday (12/30) at FOX-4 WDAF (Kansas City, Missouri), Melissa Stern writes about the Kansas City Symphony’s new “Classics Uncorked” series, “one of many non-traditional performances attempting to draw new audiences. ‘It’s shorter, it starts earlier, it’s the musicians in casual attire, there’s some talking from the stage, maybe some demonstrations of the music about to be performed, little excerpts played to give the audience a frame of reference,’ said [Executive Director Frank] Byrne…. ‘What we’re trying to do is to remove any barriers or perceptions,’ he said. The Kansas City Symphony’s new format is a way to encourage people to experiment. ‘The structure of the program is really designed for people that want an introduction to the symphony,’ said Byrne. ‘It’s inexpensive, all tickets are 25 dollars and there’s a social component, where after the concert, with the price of your 25 dollar ticket you get a glass of wine or champagne, and a chance to mingle with the musicians from the symphony.… With shorter pieces, talking, and a little bit of interaction, it makes people feel more comfortable and more welcome, and it gives them a frame of reference to enjoy the music,’ said Byrne.”

Posted January 2, 2014