In Monday’s (3/7) Lawrence Journal-World (Kansas), Scott Rothschild writes, “Senate leaders say Gov. Sam Brownback’s order to abolish the Kansas Arts Commission may have been hastily made and there may be enough votes in the Senate to reject it … Brownback’s proposal to abolish the small state agency as a budgetary move has raised stiff opposition from across the state. The Arts Commission’s supporters said it is one of the state’s most notable success stories. It receives approximately $800,000 in state dollars and attracts more than $1.2 million in matching dollars that go to programs and services that reach every county in Kansas. … Many rural residents have voiced support for the KAC, saying it provides the leadership, organizational assistance and funding needed for the cultural enrichment that that they otherwise would not have.  … Over the past six years, the KAC has contributed more than $30,000 and provided strategic assistance to help the annual Symphony in the Flint Hills. The symphony has attracted more than 45,000 people over the years and has become a top arts event in the state. ‘The Kansas Arts Commission imprimatur proclaims to the public that the event is held to a high standard and is worthy of taxpayer support,’ said Cathy Hoy, board member of the Symphony in the Hills Inc.”

Posted March 9, 2011