The Orchestra Management Fellowship Program is designed for those who specifically aspire to careers as executive directors of American orchestras within a few years of graduation from the program. Candidates must have had three years’ experience in the workplace. The Fellowship year, which extends from June 2012- June 2013, includes residencies at the Aspen Music Festival and School and two host orchestras. In addition, fellows will participate in other learning opportunities, receive an annual stipend; medical benefits; and professional development funds to extend their own executive education.

The deadline to apply is February 1, 2012. Please forward information about the Orchestra Management Fellowship Program and link to the online application to a promising future executive director now!

Commitment to the program includes:
•    A two-month placement as an orchestra manger at the Aspen Music Festival and School
•    A seven to eight month placement with a major American orchestra
•    Mentoring from the Orchestra’s executive director
•    A 2-3 month placement with a smaller budget orchestra
•    Professional development stipend that allow the Fellows to invest in their own learning
•    Visits to key non-sector organizations that represent the best in entrepreneurial environments
•    Attendance at the League National Conference
A stipend for the Fellowship of $40,000, travel reimbursement, and medical insurance

Posted December 5, 2011