In Thursday’s (9/29) Courier-News (Elgin, Illinois), Mike Danahey writes, “[Elgin’s] citizen budget task force will not recommend raising taxes but will suggest the city council first make cuts and adjustments to close a budget deficit. The group concluded its sessions Tuesday night and, according to task force chairman Carl Missele, the consensus was to keep existing taxes at the same level for now while looking at other ways to close a gap of at least $4.5 million in the city’s general fund. … During its weekly discussions, which began in August, the 13-member advisory group looked over a list of 96 expenditures in the city’s budget and concluded the council should implement making about $2.4 million in suggested cuts. … Among the six-figure slashing suggestions, the group is recommending the council discuss: Putting off funding a regional park on the far-west side, which would save more that $442,000 … Eliminating sponsorship of some concerts at The Hemmens Cultural Center, which would save about $175,000 … cutting about $64,000 in funding to the Elgin Symphony Orchestra; reducing the number of hours school crossing guards are on duty, which would save about $67,000.”

Posted September 29, 2011