Downtown Seattle is a boomtown right now, and the Seattle Symphony saw fresh opportunities to connect with the newcomers who were settling into the neighborhoods surrounding Benaroya Hall, the orchestra’s home. But how to connect with these untapped audiences? The Seattle Symphony launched an ambitious market-research program with support from the Wallace Foundation’s Building Audiences for Sustainability initiative. Check out a new webinar featuring highlights of the Connecting with New Audiences session at the League of American Orchestras’ 2018 Conference. Featuring the Seattle Symphony’s Charlie Wade, senior vice president for marketing and business operations, the webinar consolidates the key facts and essential points of the hourlong seminar into a brisk 18 minutes, with graphs, charts, and excerpts of a documentary film about the orchestra’s market research. No matter the size of your orchestra, the discussion topics and examples are great ways to start similar conversations at your organization about understanding your audience, market research, and audience building. Watch the video for free here.

Posted November 21, 2018