In Monday’s (1/2/24), Diana Salesky writes, “There’s something about making New Year’s Resolutions that I honestly enjoy. It’s a moment in time, driven solely by the calendar, in which I say … that I want to live my life in a more mindful, conscious, healthy manner…. When I look back at my resolutions of the past, the ones I’ve been most likely to stick with are connected to something I truly care about—and, for me, that means music. I will share a few I’ve made for 2024: Go outside my typical concert ‘diet.’… Invite a new friend or (better yet) young person to join me…. Get better informed. I recently found my all-time favorite alto soloist and also happened upon a work by Dvořák that was completely new to me. (Thank you, YouTube!)… Don’t let cold weather stop me. I’m layering up now for Knoxville Symphony Orchestra’s Mahler concert in January…. Be grateful for the opportunities that surround me…. Those of us who have the opportunity to engage with classical music—be it as performers or audience members—well, we are simply blessed to have these life-affirming experiences in front of us.”