In Saturday’s (4/9) Arizona Republic (Phoenix), Kerry Lengel interviews composer Missy Mazzoli about her River Rouge Transfiguration, which the Phoenix Symphony performs on April 15 and 16, led by Music Director Tito Muñoz. “Q: River Rouge Transfiguration (commissioned by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra) was inspired by a historical photograph of a Ford auto manufacturing complex. How did you translate visual imagery to music? A: … I wanted to be very careful and approach it with humility and respect…. My friend Mark Binelli … wrote this great book called ‘Detroit City Is the Place to Be.’ … There was this Charles Sheeler photograph in the book, and I thought, ‘That looks like a pipe organ.’ And I thought, ‘Hmm, Detroit as pipe organ. That is a piece.’ Q: What does it mean to be a symphonic composer in the 21st century? A: Every composer has a different way that they cobble together … an artistic life…. I teach composition.… I perform. I have my own ensemble, Victoire…. I do a lot of arranging for rock bands… All of that is in addition to the main focus of my life, which is writing concert music.”

Posted April 13, 2016