Thursday (4/25) on the business news site Finance & Commerce (Minneapolis), Brian Johnson writes, “A $50 million renovation of Orchestra Hall is nearing completion in downtown Minneapolis, even as a months-long labor dispute between musicians and Minnesota Orchestra management drags on. The project will expand the building’s lobby and improve backstage spaces for musicians, among other updates. It’s on track to wrap up in early July, according to Mortenson Construction project manager Kevin Boyce. Signs of construction are still pervasive throughout the 40-year-old building, which has been under the knife since June. Scaffolding remains in place both inside and out, and building materials are stacked in neat piles as work crews go about their business. … Even after the project is completed, the stage may remain empty for some time as musicians have been locked out for several months. … Boyce said the constrained site requires meticulous planning and communication to eliminate conflicts. For example, a ‘just-in-time’ delivery policy ensures materials and equipment aren’t brought in too early where they would get in the way. … Boyce expects seating installation to be completed in early May. Other punch list items include paint and finishing work and acoustical testing. In the new lobby space, most of the scaffolding is down and work is about 90 percent completed, Boyce said.”

Posted April 25, 2013