“The 2019 meeting of the Music Publishers Association, which took place last week in New York City, was a combination of reminiscences of the past and planning for the future, both in terms of legal issues and technology,” writes Frank Oteri in Friday’s (6/21) New Music Box. “There were reports on the EU Copyright Directive, the USA’s Music Modernization Act, and a lively panel about digital distribution models for musical scores…. Entertainment, media, copyright and trademark lawyer Corey Field gave a presentation on the … Music Modernization Act, which was signed into law in the United States on October 2018…. There was a lively panel about the digital distribution of musical scores [with] Joseph Ciappina, who serves as a band director for Middletown Public Schools in New Jersey; Guy Barash, a composer and the founder of the digital consulting company, Dotted Eighth; Enrique López de Mesa, who serves as the managing director of nkoda, a digital sheet music subscription service; … and Sara Griffin, the assistant principal librarian of the New York Philharmonic…. The MPA has created a power point presentation which is accessible and downloadable from the MPA website … to give students a greater understanding of copyright.”

Posted June 24, 2019