“A group of musicians wants to send the old Kosciuszko Bridge off with a bang—by performing Tchaikovsky’s ‘1812 Overture’ as it is blown up later this year,” writes Max Jaeger in Monday’s (4/10) New York Post. “Trombonist Danny Flam, who has played with Jay Z and Kanye West, is petitioning the city and state to let his Kosciuszko Philharmonic Orchestra perform the overture … as the bridge linking Brooklyn and Queens is brought down. ‘How awesome would it be if an orchestra could play the “1812 Overture,” “London Bridge is Falling Down,” music from Titanic and other selections during the big event,’ Flam writes on the Web site iPetitions.com…. Flam hopes state wrecking crews can work in sync with the orchestra. ‘It has explosions built into the piece,’ Flam [said]…. The state is in the midst of replacing the 78-year-old bridge … with two new spans by 2020…. Flam is hoping to secure either a private space for the performance or to get a public-events permit for a spot nearby…. Officials have not set a date for the demolition and did not comment on Flam’s proposal, but did say they are working on some kind of send-off for the bridge.”

Posted April 11, 2017