“Three-plus decades into a career that’s brought worldwide acclaim and six Grammy awards, maestro Giancarlo Guerrero is facing perhaps his most daunting challenge to date: rebuilding a Nashville Symphony orchestra that was knocked off course by the COVID-19 pandemic,” writes Nate Rau in Monday’s (6/6) Axios Nashville. “As a result of social distancing restrictions, the Nashville Symphony was forced to cancel shows and put orchestra members on furlough.… Several of them have since accepted other jobs or moved…. That’s left Guerrero with the difficult task of permanently replacing about 10 musicians—a challenge he says will take a ‘couple of seasons’ to solve…. Guerrero says other orchestras have been faced with the same challenge of replacing musicians. ‘After 14 years with the orchestra, of building and getting the band breathing together, and thinking together, and making music together … it’s almost like putting the band back together again.’ … On the programming side, Guerrero [said] there will be an array of free community concerts across the region…. The Symphony schedule will be programmed with a mix of concerts ranging from intricate classical compositions to unique collaborations with pop artists like the alt-rock band Guster and Broadway legend Bernadette Peters.”