Beginning on September 9, National Symphony Orchestra musicians will perform in more than 30 live-music events for healthcare and other frontline workers during the pandemic. The September-November concerts are part of the NSO’s annual In Your Neighborhood program, usually focused in specific Washington, D.C. neighborhoods; this year there will be small-capacity, physically distanced ensemble performances for frontline workers and others, including outdoor and streamed performances at hospitals, assisted living facilities, a cancer institute, and medical centers. Events on September 9 and 10—at the Grand Oaks assisted living facility, Sibley Memorial Hospital, and Inova Schar Cancer Institute—will feature NSO musicians Aaron Goldman (flute), Nicholas Stovall (oboe), Sue Heineman (bassoon), Alexandra Osborne (violin), Benjamin Scott (violin), Mahoko Eguchi (viola), Loewi Lin (cello), Scott Christian (percussion), Bob Rearden (horn), and James Nickel (horn). “In Your Neighborhood is intended to build connections throughout D.C. and to ensure that all Washington residents can participate in the arts,” said NSO Executive Director Gary Ginstling. “This year, it was clear to us that we needed to use it in a different way. The prolonged nature of the pandemic has shed further light on the heroes in our midst including the numerous and tireless healthcare frontline workers and first responders. We want to say thank you.”