“People who receive the COVID-19 vaccine are asked to wait for 15 minutes after receiving a shot, to monitor possible side effects,” reports Shannon Miller in Wednesday’s (3/31) KVVU-TV (Las Vegas, NV). “But that can be boring. So the Henderson Symphony Orchestra entertained patients waiting at the Las Vegas Convention Center vaccine clinic on Tuesday. Sarah O’Connell, executive director of Henderson Symphony Orchestra, said she hopes the orchestra’s presence calms patients. ‘People can be anxious about things like getting a shot or being in large groups after all of this isolation. Seeing people playing together in ensemble reminds us that coming together is a good thing, and getting the vaccine is a good thing to help heal us,’ O’Connell said.” The Henderson Symphony Orchestra in southern Nevada is led by Music Director Alexandra Arrieche; in addition to performing concerts, the orchestra presents free events for schoolchildren, plus a young artist competition and conducting camp.