A reconsideration of music learning and educational practice are the focus of Tanglewood II: Summoning the Future of Music Education, a new book from GIA Publications that is the culmination of a convening for 32 music educators and scholars, Symposium Tanglewood II—Charting the Future, held at Williams College in June 2007. Edited by Boston University School of Music Professor André de Quadros and Visiting Scholar Anthony J. Palmer, the 402-page book has 23 contributing authors and covers topics including child-teacher relationships, the impact of technology on music learning, nature vs. nurture and its impact on learning, recruitment of music teachers, world music, and the relationship between music education and democracy. The Tanglewood I Symposium, a five-day meeting at Tanglewood in 1967, examined music in American society and produced a report and recommendations for future action; Tanglewood II had similar goals but took into account global perspectives and their effects on musical styles, value transfer across cultures, fusions, and amalgamations.

Posted March 12, 2013