In May 2019, the Vermont-based Marlboro Music School and Festival and Marlboro College expect to break ground on two new buildings, to be owned by the college and used by both the college and music school. The building is expected to be completed by June 2021, in conjunction with the 70th anniversary of Marlboro Music and the 75th anniversary of Marlboro College. The $1.7 million Jerome and Celia Reich Building will be designed by Minnesota-based architects Joan Soranno and John Cook and will house a music library, offices, social spaces, and chamber music rehearsal studios. A residence hall will house college students from September to May, and musicians in the summer. The project was announced on January 30 by Christopher Serkin, chair and president of Marlboro Music; Kevin Quigley, president of Marlboro College; and Richard Saudek, chair of the college’s board of trustees. The two institutions also plan to explore new programs together such as a Marlboro Music artist-in-residence at the college and internships for Marlboro College students during the summer.

Posted February 4, 2019