What does it take for people to make the arts part of their everyday life? A new post from the Wallace Foundation, The Road to Participation: Countering Misperceptions outlines the decision-making process of potential audience members—and suggests ways that arts groups can engage people who may be less inclined to attend. Backed by its own research as well as practical experiences from arts organizations, the Wallace Foundation and its partners have developed insights into the reasons people choose to go, or not to go, to a performance. People tend to consider, usually subconsciously, many questions about their expectations of an arts experience—and arts groups intent on building their audiences can provide answers. Wallace is a sponsor for the upcoming conference for National Arts Marketing Partners, and as part of the partnership, Judith Dobrzynski (author of Building Audiences for Sustainability articles for Wallace, including one about the Seattle Symphony) developed blog posts about how to optimize arts marketing. Click here to read The Road to Participation: Countering Misperceptions

Posted October 23, 2018