“As the Philadelphia Orchestra’s principal librarian, Nicole Jordan is a jack of all trades and, maybe, sort of a master at everything,” writes Rodrigo Torrejón in Friday’s (12/17) Philadelphia Inquirer. “Her crucial role means she has to be a researcher, composer, and event coordinator, often all at the same time. She’s learned the basics of dozens of classical instruments, fine-tuning sheet music for performers. She’s done hours of research, often just to find a performance from decades ago…. On Thursday, she added yet another skill to her resumé: She can play a pretty good Santa Claus. As part of the Philadelphia Orchestra’s annual holiday performances, Jordan stepped into Santa Claus’ boots, as the original Santa was in quarantine for COVID-19…. Jordan had to teach herself the slapstick, an actual instrument that sounds like a whip cracking and is heard during the iconic Christmas song ‘Sleigh Ride.’… Jordan has been the orchestra’s principal music librarian since September 2020…. In keeping with the mantra of many orchestra librarians, Jordan took on another role to help out the ensemble, getting to be on stage and perform, while also highlighting the work that she and other music librarians do.”