“Paul Kellogg, 84, the former general and artistic director of both New York City Opera and Glimmerglass Opera, has died,” reads an unsigned obituary in Wednesday’s (4/28) Opera News. “Kellogg died of natural causes on April 28, 2021 … in Cooperstown [NY]. His death was announced by Glimmerglass Opera…. Kellogg studied comparative literature at the University of Texas at Austin and went on to study at both the Sorbonne and Columbia University…. Kellogg and his partner, [painter and sculptor] Raymond Han … [moved] to Cooperstown in 1975—the same year that Glimmerglass Opera presented its inaugural season…. Han … was invited the following season to create sets for Glimmerglass productions … Kellogg began by assisting his partner…. In 1979 … Kellogg was appointed the fledgling company’s executive manager. In 1984 … Kellogg was appointed the company’s general manager, and three years later was named its general director…. By the time Kellogg became Glimmerglass’s general and artistic director in 1995, he had transformed the company into an innovative and esteemed summer destination for operagoers…. In 1996, Kellogg was named general and artistic director of New York City Opera … [where he] produced sixty-two new opera productions … and inaugurated … readings of new operas by American composers.” Kellogg retired from Glimmerglass in 2006, and from City Opera in 2007. Raymond Han predeceased Kellogg in 2017.