“Bassoonist Taylor Akin, 18, of Purcell [Oklahoma], was recently featured on the video series ‘Where Music Lives,’ hosted by Kevin ‘K.O.’ Olusola” of the a cappella group Pentatonix, writes Brandy McDonnell in Monday’s (5/13) Oklahoman (Oklahoma City). Akin graduated from high school last week and is principal bassoon in the Oklahoma Youth Orchestra. “ ‘Where Music Lives’ is a video series from NPR’s ‘From the Top.’ The Washington High Schooler and his parents, Deanna and Mark Akin, take the Pentatonix beat boxer and cellist on a tour of their horse barn, show him the shop where Taylor and his dad rebuild classic cars and take one of them for a very fast spin, and share how their house has been hit by tornadoes twice…. Taylor says one of the hardest parts for him about having his house destroyed twice was having to practice music in their hotel. The Oklahoma musician, drag racer and aspiring entrepreneur proceeds to give a stunningly soulful performance on the bassoon. Olusola caps off the show by visiting Taylor’s high school, where the teen plays saxophone in the jazz band, and getting funky with Taylor and his classmates.”

Posted May 17, 2019