Musicians of the Oregon Symphony.

“ ‘This piece is a reflection on … speaking out in a world where there is so many competing interests and so much noise,’ said pianist, composer, and human rights activist Gabriela Montero,” writes James Bash last Monday’s (3/6) Oregonian. “ ‘It is about getting people to listen.’ Montero is referring to ‘Babel,’ which she will play with the Oregon Symphony this weekend. She wrote it in 2018 for string orchestra and piano…. ‘Babel’ is basically me throwing my arms up in the air, screaming about what is happening in my country, Venezuela,’ said Montero…. With ‘Babel’ as the centerpiece, [Oregon Symphony Music Director David] Danzmayr and the orchestra will probe the theme of tolerance and intolerance, opening with the Overture to Richard Wagner’s opera ‘Rienzi.’… ‘There are some people who don’t want anything to do with Wagner’s music,’ said Danzmayr…. ‘While I completely reject Wagner’s opinions on the Jews, I don’t want to dehumanize him.’ Another piece in the concert is ‘Coventry’ by Vilém Tauský, a Czech composer and conductor. Because of his Jewish ancestry, he moved to France and ended up in England, serving as the musical leader of the Free Czech Army…. The concert will close with Felix Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 5 (‘Reformation’).”