In Tuesday’s (9/2) ThisWeek Community News (central Ohio), Lori Wince writes that Ohio artist Sharon Visintine has painted a portrait of the New Albany Symphony Orchestra for use in its publicity materials this season. Visintine, who is serving as the orchestra’s guest artist for 2014-15, was asked to create the portrait by New Albany’s executive director, Heather Garner. “Visintine visited the orchestra and watched a performance before creating the piece.… ‘I liked the colors in that picture and the way it came out—exaggerated more and not so detailed. It’s more like a plein air (open air) or quick painting,’ she said. The piece will be auctioned off in May, at the end of the season, as a fundraiser for the orchestra, said Linda Brill, the orchestra’s marketing director. Visintine continues to work with the orchestra as part of its promotional events, most recently painting alongside an orchestra string group at the New Albany Farmers Market. Visintine, a native of Columbus, has been painting all her life … [and] said she’s been painting professionally for the last 30 years.”

Posted September 3, 2014


Pictured: Sharon Visintine, the New Albany Symphony Orchestra’s 2014-15 guest artist