“The Philadelphia Orchestra musician strike lasted just two days,” writes Peter Crimmins on Monday (10/3) at radio station WHYY (southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware). “Ryan Fleur, executive vice president of the orchestra … said he hopes trust can be repaired because the strike was over in just two days—unlike the last strike 20 years ago, which lasted two months…. John Koen, chair of the musicians committee, says, … ‘There are some interesting things in the contract, about ways we can fundraise with management…. We can agree to send musicians to play for free at parties where they intend to raise money. This gives donors a nice opportunity to interact with artists who make up the Philadelphia orchestra.’ … The musicians have organized an Audience Appreciation Day for Tuesday. They’ll break up into smaller ensembles and play free pop-up concerts in different places around town. While it’s not an official orchestra event—the musicians created the event themselves—management is supporting the day of concerts.”

Posted October 4, 2016