“Portland Opera is planning to undergo the biggest change in its 50-year history. Beginning in 2016, the company will perform its entire season in a compressed, 12-week summer period,” writes David Stabler in Tuesday’s (10/28) Oregonian (Portland). “The change, revealed as the curtain is about to rise on Portland Opera’s 50th season, is an attempt to stabilize the company after years of fluctuating finances…. Compressing the season intensifies the experience for audiences, [Opera America president Marc] Scorca said…. ‘People buy into a larger cultural experience than just going to the opera on a Wednesday night in March.’ Scorca [noted] one other opera company that had moved from a traditional season to the festival model in the past decade: Fort Worth Opera…. Mattaliano will announce the inaugural season in 2016.’ … Portland Opera has its own unionized orchestra. The number of performances will actually increase, giving paid choristers, orchestra players and technical crew members more work. Some employees will see less work. The company will continue with its three union agreements, Mattaliano said.”

Posted October 29, 2014