“The Giants want rookie linebacker Lorenzo Carter to do a lot of things for them on the field,” writes Tom Rock in Sunday’s (5/13) Newsday (Long Island, N.Y.). “And if they need a cello player, well, he’s their guy, too…. Carter is not only a fierce, athletic mayhem-maker for the defense but an accomplished musician—and a fan of classical music who is known to pop in his earbuds and crank up some Yo-Yo Ma. ‘In elementary school, fifth grade, I started to play the cello and it stuck with me,’ he said. ‘I love the sound of wood instruments, and I just fell in love with classical music.’ He also plays the tuba and the baritone horn…. Carter … did … wonder why the Giants have not yet played any instrumental tunes during their practices…. ‘I might have to talk to somebody about that,’ he said…. Sure enough, during warm-ups Saturday, in between the Rolling Stones and old-school Michael Jackson was an orchestral piece meant to arouse … the savage beasts on the field…. He’ll probably have a pretty good act for the rookie talent show … this summer during training camp.” Said Carter, “I’ll bring a cello in here and get down for them.”

Posted May 15, 2018