Maxwell, at right, performing with the National Symphony Orchestra and Principal Pops Conductor Steven Reineke at the Kennedy Center. Photo by Derek Baker.

In Friday’s (10/15) Fox 5 DC, Christopher Harris writes, “Fans were treated to an unforgettable night of soulful serenades from R&B sensation Maxwell at the Kennedy Center Thursday, with the powerhouse National Symphony Orchestra adding an extraordinary depth to his iconic tunes. During the second night of his four-night soirée in D.C., the Grammy Award-winning artist didn’t just perform; he connected, sharing memories from his not-so-glorious days performing at Howard University … a stark contrast to the present. This show, because of the big band and intricate lights behind him, was more like a ‘movie,’ he said, and indeed, it was cinematic. Fans weren’t just attendees; they took part in the revelry, singing, snapping, and swaying, lost in his velvety flow of hits like ‘Lifetime’ and ‘Til’ the Cops Come Knockin.’ With everyone’s phones locked away in Yondr pouches, all eyes were on the dapper-dressed singer … Led by principal pops conductor Steven Reineke, the world-renowned National Symphony Orchestra was able to match Maxwell’s vocals masterfully. They took his songs to new levels, highlighting two decades worth of rhythmic records. They effortlessly segued into an electrifying go-go groove, casting a spell of percussive magic that delighted the audience.”