In Sunday’s (9/12) Reno Gazette-Journal (Nevada), Forrest Hartman writes, “Tim Young, president and CEO of the Reno Philharmonic, says marketing classical music is tougher than ever. … One way the Philharmonic tries to achieve that is by leaving the concert hall and playing venues like Bartley Ranch Regional Park and Wingfield Park. Another is by marketing itself to people who don’t normally attend classical concerts. Currently, the organization is running a campaign with the catchy tagline, ‘Get Your Culture On.’ It comes complete with a website——loaded with everything from videos to celebrity photos. … Proving there’s more than one way to tackle the same problem, the Reno Chamber Orchestra has adopted a decidedly different approach to its 2010-2011 marketing campaign. Find an RCO print ad, created by Reno’s David Branby Advertising, and you’ll see casual photos of orchestra fans from all stages of life. The tag line: ‘It’s all about the music.’ So, while the Philharmonic is selling the entire concertgoing experience, the RCO is putting the focus squarely on the concert hall. The group is also using the bulk of its marketing budget to go after older adults, RCO executive director Scott Faulkner said.”

Posted September 13, 2010