In Friday’s (9/5) San Antonio Express-News, David Hendricks writes about last week’s inaugural concert in the new Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, featuring “musicians of the San Antonio Symphony, Ballet San Antonio and Opera San Antonio in a first-time collaboration of the Tobin Center resident organizations…. The real star of the evening was the Tobin Center itself, especially the H-E-B Performance Hall. The intimacy of the concert hall, the excellent sight lines from its various elevations … the imaginative lighting, the roomy seats and the engraved-paneled orchestra shell that is seamless with the rest of the hall provided a rich entertainment experience. The acoustics are the best ever in San Antonio. The symphony, for example, never has been able to perform truly quiet passages because the sound at its previous larger venues would have been lost in the spaciousness. The more intimate Tobin Center concert hall allows the orchestra to play at near-silent levels, so that when a sudden jump to loud crescendos occurs, the difference is startling. The expanded dynamic range combines with a responsive vibrancy and a warm, balanced reverberation to allow the audience to hear true orchestral music at its best.”

Posted September 9, 2014