“Ronald O. Perelman, billionaire business titan and a self-described ‘frustrated musician,’ owns five drum sets and has played with the likes of Bon Jovi and the Beach Boys,” writes Robin Pogrebin in Thursday’s (2/19) New York Times. “On Thursday, Carnegie announced that he had succeeded Sanford I. Weill, who has served as chairman for nearly a quarter-century. ‘Carnegie Hall is probably the thing in New York that I love the most,’ Mr. Perelman said. ‘It’s just magical.’ … Perelman has already donated about $30 million to Carnegie over the years. The hall hopes to collect $125 million by May 2016 to broaden its artistic and education offerings and its digital initiatives, and so far, a third of that financial goal has been met…. Perelman said his goals for Carnegie included digital advances like streaming more concerts, an effort that began only last fall; diversifying the audience; and generally making the place more hip.… He noted that the Beatles performed at Carnegie in 1964.… Perelman said he felt confident about meeting the current fund-raising goal of $125 million by May 2016. ‘I never mind being asked for money—I never mind asking others for money,’ he said.”

Posted February 20, 2015