In Friday’s (11/7) San Diego Downtown News David Dixon profiles Martha Gilmer, the San Diego Symphony’s new chief executive officer. “ ‘I played the piano through the beginning of college, but I realized I wasn’t meant to spend time alone in a practice room,’ she said. ‘I really love to be with people and organize things.’ This epiphany eventually led to a degree in music and arts administration, which included an internship with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, a place she called her ‘professional home’ for the next 35 years.” In San Diego Gilmer looks forward to presenting such works as Mahler’s Seventh Symphony and Saint-Saens’s The Egyptian, with piano soloist Louis Lortie. “Though the Symphony has already been having an exceptional year, Gilmer hopes to attract even more new fans in the future…. ‘I hope to start a first timer’s event, because I have had experiences where attendees were unsure whether they would like going to a concert, due to the complexity of the music. I can assure you that the music at the Symphony is not intended to intimidate; the music is meant to evoke emotion.’ ”  

Posted November 12, 2014