Friday (3/1) on the ABC News channel 10 (San Diego, California), Joe Little reports, “For the first time in 15 years, music has returned to Chula Vista elementary schools. In January, six schools in the Chula Vista Elementary School District reintroduced music as part of the curriculum. Under the conducting arm of music teachers like Brent Osner at Rosebank School, the district is slowly bringing music back after budget cuts in the 1990s forced it to be eliminated. … The money has come from a number of sources, including the San Diego Youth Symphony and the school district. VH1 may be the biggest backer of music in Chula Vista, as the music cable channel may end up donating more than $1 million in musical instruments to the program. ‘Their only requirement is that each school has a full-time music teacher and they’ll provide up to $30,000 worth of instruments,’ said [Chula Vista Elementary School District Assistant Superintendent John] Nelson. That’s $30,000 per school and Chula Vista wants to return music to all 44 of its schools. They hope to re-introduce the classes to one or two schools every year until every student once again has access to music.”

Posted March 6, 2013