“The Nu Deco Ensemble has been living proof of Miami’s music scene since the group’s inception back in April 2015,” writes Christian Portilla in Monday’s (9/26) Miami New Times (Florida). “The orchestra with a modern twist is back by popular demand for its second season, beginning October 27. But for Nu Deco, the goal remains the same: Introduce new audiences to classical music by blending the genre with modern jams like those by Daft Punk and LCD Soundsystem. Cofounders Sam Hyken and Jacomo Bairos”—the latter is music director of the Amarillo Symphony in Texas—“are excited to continue their concert series throughout South Florida [as well as] community enrichment programs for kids.… Bairos, a native of the area, is eager to give back to a city that inspired his musical career…. Hyken, who arranges and composes Nu Deco’s material, says fans can expect collaborations with artists like Adam Schoenberg, William Brittelle, and Judd Greenstein as well as more covers of modern artists like Massive Attack…. Visual artist Christian Hannon [will] help with the visual side of a performance with New York-based composer Ricardo Romaneiro [for] an electro-acoustic composition that blends sounds inspired by Miami’s transit system.”

Posted September 29, 2016