In Monday’s (7/19) Shreveport Times (Louisiana), Donecia Pea reports that Shreveport Symphony Orchestra “board president Richard Bremer had barely gotten the words out before the applause erupted Monday morning. ‘It is my pleasure to announce that the board and musicians have entered a new two-year agreement…’ Bremer said, kicking off the first of many rounds of applause among the packed house at the Symphony House. After more than two years of contentious negotiations, including an 18-month strike and this past spring’s mini-season, board members and musicians have agreed to a contract that will keep the full-time core musicians intact and include a 45 percent salary cut, instead of the initial contract proposal two years ago that would have included a 75 percent pay cut. The contract takes effect immediately and will run through May 31, 2012. ‘The key thing for us is that the full-time core musicians remained intact,’ … said musicians’ spokesman and principal trumpet player Rick Rowell. ‘The pay cut is not the best, but it’s better than it could have been. We found a middle ground.’ … The first concert is set for Nov. 13.” The orchestra’s general manager is Leah Escudé; the music director is Michael Butterman. Local television station KTBS’s coverage of the press conference may be viewed here.

Posted July 20, 2010