“Andrey Boreyko, music director for Artis-Naples, got a clear view of his 2019 on Sept. 13, and it’s a vast horizon,” writes Harriet Howard Heithaus in Friday’s (1/4) Naples Daily News (FL). Artis-Naples is home to the Naples Philharmonic. “That’s when Boreyko accepted the title of artistic and music director for a second orchestra, the Warsaw Philharmonic…. The Warsaw Philharmonic … employs 114 musicians and 100 choristers. The Naples Philharmonic has 51 full-time musicians, and its 100-voice chorus is volunteer…. Boreyko calls those differences opportunities. ‘Some things that are impossible here because of the size of the orchestra are possible there. Some things which are less possible there because the hall is very big … it’s much better to do it here,’ he said, citing specifically the upcoming Masterworks concert of Stravinsky’s ballet ‘Pulcinella’ … One of the things that endears him to his American musical home is its openness to collaboration…. With its museum and lecture and film series, Artis-Naples is in a wonderful position to create consilience among arts, he said, and … he has embraced that enthusiastically…. ‘I’m very happy about this next stage of my life—working for two wonderful orchestras in two different parts of this planet.’ ”

Posted January 7, 2019