On March 13, the Spokane Symphony will partner with three local bands for an evening of music, theater, and dance at Terrain, a nonprofit art gallery and performing arts space in Spokane’s historic Washington Cracker Company building. The event—a joint fundraiser for the orchestra and Terrain called “Spokane Symphony + Terrain: Uncharted Territory”—will feature the orchestra onstage with electronic soul band Water Monster, the hip-hop orchestra Flying Spiders, and pianist/singer Hannah Reader. There will also be theatrical dialogues staged by Charles Pepiton, a professor of theater at Spokane’s Gonzaga University, and choreographer Suzanne Ostersmith, on Gonzaga’s dance faculty. The evening will culminate in a classical/pop version of Handel’s Water Music. “It has been truly exciting to work with so many Spokane artists from different disciplines, tastes and musical interests,” said Music Director Eckart Preu. “The level of enthusiasm and engagement between all the artists contributing to this project has been phenomenal.”

Posted February 20, 2015